Labor Für Elektroakustische Musik und Neue Medien Linz


Concert at STWST Linz – 30th June

30th June – 20:30h – at StadtWerkstatt Linz

    “Mahr whispers”
    “expectation leads to disappointment”
    MUSICBOX – “Die Fauna meiner Umgebung”
    Tape DJ Hoodie Battle
“Mahr whispers”

“Mahr whispers” is a soundwork which tries to intonate the unpleasant experience of a nightmare.
A Mahr is a common mythical creature which brings bad dreams – the term “nightmare” originates in this creature.
In a metaphorical sense, during the time of the performance the artist impersonates a Mahr for the audience.

“Mahr whispers” is an unimodal work, visual impressions are obstructed due to total darkness during the performance.
Several techniques are applied to unsettle the audience:
+ Utilization of alienated voice samples:
Voice recordings are processed in specific ways in order to be recognizable as voice, yet not understandable
+ Audio spatialization:
Audio spatialization adds the aspects of movement and space to the listeners experience
+ Changes in volume during playback:
Sudden silences, as well as an abrupt increases in volume (within reason), are diversifying and minimize predictibility
+ Changes in rhythm:
Unpredictable rhythm changes are another method to disturb the audience

The work itself consists of two parts:
+ A prerecorded track which provides the golden thread (containing mostly ambient and spherical sounds)
+ A life performance to round up the prerecorded track (to attend voice samples and rythmic elements)


“expectation leads to disappointment”

empty rooms which normally provide a basis for communication – such as
the blank sheet of paper for ideas – are led ad absurdum.
in interaction with the audience field recordings of empty spaces are
going to be transformed.
tiny sound-details are going to get intensified in a way so that
communication is made unfeasible. The audience remains silent.


MusicBox – “Die Fauna meiner Umgebung”
Music / Video / Performance

Childhood memories, wishes, or obstacles, shape the images and sounds of the musicbox.
For the origin of this piece, I took some of my favorite fetishes, the “Flora” of my environment (a businessman, a beauty queen, a flying pig …), a few sounds and concerns of my every day algorithm.
Images and sounds are generated using pd-software in real time.


The sound piece is a combination of mechanical sound and electronic music. AquaMull consists of a self-made sound instrument that generates mechanical sound that is transformed by a computer in real-time. The aim is to explore possible symbiosis between two different sound sources.

The composition is about water and with water. Thus, the work can be seen as a soundscape of imaginary live in the water.

Tape DJ Hoodie Battle

Two individuals, fancied up with super Hoodies performs a classic cassette tape DJ battle. Of course the whole setup is geared with PD patches to pimp out the usual sets.

Final Show with the help of and Radio FRO

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  1. marc vojka says:

    great stuff!
    i will be there …

  2. […] The target of the class? Among many personal reasons as knowing more about music, sound art or becoming part of the Labor Linz and Servus community, students will prepare a personal project to be presented at the end of the semester in a happening/performance night. See what happened last year in […]

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