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Computer Music 2011 Seminar

Computer Music: Courses Theory and Practice of new Music and Sound Art

Submitted by servus on Mon, 03/01/2011 – 12:32

Computer Music Courses
Theory and Practice of new Music and Sound Art

On the 8th of February Labor-Linz in collaboration with start with a permanent class about Computer Music. As part of the servus Campus program this class covers the theory and application of new and existing technologies in music and sound art, such as sound synthesis, digital signal processing, sound design, sonic diffusion, acoustics, and psychoacoustics. In particular we will learn:

* Computer Assisted Composition (CAC)
* Real Time Interaction with acoustic instruments or voice
* Synchronized performance with audio and video
* Sensors Inferfaces and MIDI surfaces.
* Theory of composition of electroacoustic and contemporary music
* Practice of Sound Art and Sound Installation
* Digital Audio Processing (Convolution, Spectral Morphing…), Synthesis (Granular, FM…) and Modulation (Ring, FM…)
* Spatialization of sound and multichannel sound works.
* Use of studio tools: Audio Editors, Sequencers and Visual Flow Programming languajes (Pure Data) as well as Mastering Plugins and Techniques
* Acoustics and Analysis of sound

We will use a methodology based on listening – studying – practice, open to all aesthetics and ways of exploration.
Every week the class consists of two hours. At the beginning we listen students´s sound homeworks and have and open talk about them. Later the theory starts with an artistic introduction of some computer music concept with examples of compositions or sound works. Finally we introduce the technical and practical issues for the focus of the class.

You can attend the number of hours you can per month (two/week). Every week the class focuses in a different topic that will be announced with time enough.

Classes include printed documentation, scores, software and pure data patches.

The course focuses on the use of FLOSS (free/libre Open Source Software).

The target of the class?
Among many personal reasons as knowing more about music, sound art or becoming part of the Labor Linz and Servus community, students will prepare a personal project to be presented at the end of the semester in a happening/performance night. See what happened last year in

All the classes will be taught in English by the international composer and sound artist Enrique Tomás []. Some personal questions or recommendations will be also held in German.

How to participate in the class?
Participants with a particular interest in theory and practice of new Music and Sound Art should join this class. Basic knowledge is an advantage but not a must. Participants with a purpose of producing sound and getting deeper knowledge about contemporany electronic music are welcome. Produced material will be shared and made be public under open licences.

Technical Requirements:
You can use your own laptop or use an existent PC in the servus Clubraum.

Begin: Every Week on Tuesdays 18:30-20:30 (8 hours/month maximum)
End: The Class is planed until Mid-June
Start: 8th February 2011

Price: 10 euro/hour.
As it was said before you can attend the number of hours you want per month.
Every week the class focuses in a different topic that topic that will be announced with time enough.

The workshop will be held in the Clubraum, Kirchengasse 4, 1rst Floor

Make a reservation or ask for info at:

Register now the course is limited to a maximum of 8 people.

Once you are registered you can come the number of hours you can or want

Exchange, discussions and weekly program updates are going over our list.
Please subscribe:
Questions to the organisation to: (goes to Enrique and Uschi)



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